Bluebell Class of 2020

Well the year might not have finished how we would have liked, but we are so proud of every single one of our boys in Bluebell Class.

It was so lovely to be able to see you all last week and it really brought to home how much we have missed seeing their faces every day.

Here is a little video showing some of the amazing highlights of our Reception year together.

We hope everyone has a lovely Summer.

Stay safe and keep well.

Sami,Sophie and Sarah xxx


Seaside sound lotto.

Hello Bluebell class,

Our friend Hannah, from Primrose class, has created a fun ‘sound lotto’ activity that we think you will enjoy. It is a great activity for developing phonics and communication and language skills. 

Can you listen carefully to the sounds that you would hear at the seaside and use the communication board or the pictures on screen to tell me what you can hear? (You can pause or rewind the video if you need a little bit longer to think or if you want to hear the sound again)

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to the seaside sounds!

Now maybe you could go on a listening walk in your garden or around your local community. What sounds can you hear? Maybe you can hear cars, the wind, sirens etc.


I think seaside sound lotto is…

Take care,

Sami, Sarah and Sophie 

Let’s play a game.

Hello Bluebell class, 

We would like you to play a little game. Can you use the communication boards (point or say) to tell us: what you have enjoyed playing with, what areas you like exploring and what’s your favourite tuck. We can pass on the information to your new class team.  

Sami’s favourite area to play is the garden, where she likes running up and down the hill with her friends.

Sarah’s favourite is being creative making lots of artwork, to make our classroom look beautiful.

Sophie’s favourite is taking part in physical activities in the hall, running around with her friends and find new ways or travelling. (Jumping, Hopping, Skipping, rolling)



In Bluebell class the children could use their self help skills, to choose their own toys of interest.

What is your favourite toy?



Over the year we have had so much fun in the garden, exploring, taking new risks and developing our physical skills.

What is your favourite thing to do it the garden?



Sami’s favourite tuck is yoghurt.

Sarah’s favourite tuck is bagel.

Sophie’s favourite tuck is crackers and strawberries.

What is your favourite food at tuck time?

Please email your answers, we would love to hear your likes and we can share these with your new teachers 🙂

Thank you 

Sami, Sarah and Sophie 

Seaside snacks.

Hello Bluebell class,

Today we have created you a special seaside tuck, here are the ingredients which you may like to use to create a seaside scene or choose animals from the seaside.








-cheese strings



-food colouring

Here are the sea life animals that we created using fruit and cheese.

We had so much fun making tuck and i hope you do to with your families.

Our favourite fruits are strawberries and grapes. What’s your favourite fruit?

(Please cut grapes lengthways)



To create the seaside I added blue food colouring to yoghurt for the sea and crushed digestive biscuits for the sand.

What sea life animals can you see at the seaside?

can you find the fish?

what colour is the turtle?

how many legs does an octopus have?

how is the star fish feeling?

What’s your favourite sea life animal?

what was your favourite snack?

what could you smell at snack time?

what could you feel?

how did it taste?


Thank you 

Sami, Sarah and Sophie


Postcards can be used as a form of communication, they can be made personal for each individual.

People like to write postcards to there families or friends when they are on holiday. The postcard can have photos of their holiday destination.

On your postcard you can write a message or draw a picture to share your news. 

Here’s Sophie’s example of something that makes her happy.

Walking her dog Pebbles in the sunshine.

We hope you have lots of fun making your postcards and post them at a  post box.

          Ready, steady, POST!!      

Thank you

Sami, Sarah and Sophie.

Good Morning!

We miss you all Bluebell children!

We have put our morning group routine on the blog so you can continue to do the same at home.


Click on the link below and sing along to the days of the week song.

Can you choose the right day?

What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?

What day is it tomorrow?

What is your favourite day?

What is the weather like today?

Here are our Jolly Phonics songs, so you can still practise whilst you are at home.


Seaside Phonics Game

Listen to the sound of each letter and see if you can click on the picture to match the word.

To access this game you will need to log on.

Username is student18120

Password is ladywood 




Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

Squiggle While You Wiggle

Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle is a kinaesthetic approach to stimulate early writing. Children use movement with music to develop their motor skills in preparation for writing.

Watch the video and see if you can copy what Sami is doing. Some children might need a little hand over hand encouragement to move their arms.


Now you’re hand and arm muscles are all warmed up we’re going to practise mark making.

All you need is a bowl and two paint brushes.

Have fun and take some pictures of your beautiful mark making!

Thank you

Sami,Sarah,Sophie ☺️