Design and Technology

Now that you have a fantastic design for your bird feeder, it is time to get making!

Use the materials you wrote down on your design to create you bird feeder.

Here are some questions to think about when you’re making it:

Does it look the same as your design?

Have you had to change any part to make it?

Why did you choose to change it?

What do you think of you completed bird feeder?

If you have already made you bird feeder then why not make some bird food to go in it. Here is a really simple recipe you can use to make bird food.

You will need:


Bird seed

A bowl and a spoon for mixing

Cutters (optional)

Leave your lard at room temperature for a few hours to soften it up. Once it is soft you can put it all into the bowl. Add a big scoop of bird seed and get mixing!

Add enough bird seed so it can be seen through the lard. Once mixed you can use your hands to roll it into balls or you can push it into your cutters. Poke a hole in the top with a straw or add in a stick and freeze for a few hours. 

Then all that’s left to do is add your string and hang them out for the birds!

We would love to see some photos of your creations and any birds that come visiting!


Design Challenge

Whilst we have been staying safe at home I have noticed lots of birds visiting my garden. I love to watch the birds but they don’t stay for very long, as I don’t have a bird feeder for them.

I would like them to come more often so I think I need a bird feeder to give them some seeds, but I don’t know what it should look like or be made of!

Here are some ideas of what bird feeders on the market look like already.

Can you design your own bird feeder?

When you design it think about…

What will it look like?
What materials you will we need to make it?
How will we stick the parts together? 
How should we hang it up? 
Which materials are best for use outdoors?

I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Send your designs to: 

If you would like to make a bird feeder at home here are a couple of ways using things from around the house.









Look at this wonderful home learning. Your garden has some lucky birds!

Cooking and Nutrition

Hello everyone!

As we are staying safe at home I want us to think about our nutrition.

Do we know what foods are healthy and which foods are not?

I asked some of the Ladywood staff to send me a picture of their favourite snack. I got lots of different types of snacks, but I need help to decide if they are healthy and I should ‘eat a lot of it’ or if they are a little unhealthy and I should ‘only eat a little bit of it’.

Can you help me by commenting below which is which?

Karly likes:


Gaynor eats:

Jenna enjoys:

Julie likes:

Kay loves:

Katie snacks on:

What snacks are you enjoying whilst you are safe at home? 

Whos snack is the healthiest?

We would love to see pictures of you sorting healthy and unhealthy foods send pictures and videos to:

Look at this fantastic at home learning! We are super proud you know which foods are healthy and unhealthy! 

School Council

The School Council had a very productive meeting today.

We were able to vote on how we give our opinions on what we learn in our class and the books we like to read.

We have started to collect our ideas and our classmates ideas on what games we would like to buy with some of the money raised from the Valentines disco.

If you have any great games you enjoy let us know!

School Council Elections

The Ladywood children had a wonderful time taking part in different democratic activities and voting in the ballot box for their next School Councillors! 

We are happy to announce the School Councillors for Ladywood 2019-2020 are…

Maisie, Jack, Alex, Simon, Bilal, Sabrina, Saqib, Hannah, Shannon, Thomas, Grace, Arham, Bradley, Aisha and Daisy.

We are excited for our first meeting tomorrow with the newly elected Councillors. 

School Council

The School Councillors are excited to be able to give out the water bottles they worked hard fundraising for over the past year.

With the support of the parents group we have been able to purchase a bottle for each child to promote drinking more water to stay hydrated.

We are excited for our elections next week and for the year ahead with a new group of amazing children making the voices of their peers heard! 

School Council

Welcome back everyone, the Ladywood School Councillors are excited to begin their roles as the voice of Ladywood children and are ready to make a difference!

The School Councillors had their first meeting before half term and were full with both their own ideas and those of the peers.

Ladywood School councillors are:

Ella, Lewis, Bethany, Jonathan, Harry, Thomas, Gabriel, Alexander, Leon, Marcus, Grace, Amir, Eve and Daniel!

Stay tuned to hear all about what they get up to this year!

Ladywood Elections

Speeches have been written and the children are ready to vote for their Ladywood School Councillors tomorrow!

Why not talk at home to your children about British Democracy and tell them how you vote!

Science is Awesome!

What an amazing Science Week we have had at Ladywood!

The Mad Scientist visited every class this morning and was so impressed by what he saw!

Every class has done lots of fantastic exploration and discovery. Everyone’s Science learning has been out of this world!

Congratulations to 6V and 3J for winning a special prize for their fantastic Science learning!

Have your say!

Well done all, we were able to do some fantastic fundraising through our D&T project. We are so proud of everything that you have made 🙂

Have your say. How should we use the funds you helped raise?

What do you think we need at Ladywood?