Wonderful Writing & Reading News!

Well done to all the children at Ladywood school for a super World Book Day 2018. All children received their ‘Flying High in Reading’ certificates. Thank you to all the parents for all your support.

Congratulations to  the children at Ladywood who entered the Young Writers competition! We are so proud of you and we hope to see your publications soon!


The English Team

World Book Day 2018


World Book Day 2018!

We have had an exciting World Book Day 2018. We started off the day with an assembly where we introduced our story this year, which is ‘Flying Fergus: The Birthday Bike’ by Sir Chris Hoy. Fergus visited Ladywood where we found out it was his birthday and he was given a Birthday Bike. This magical bike transported him to Nevermore where we met Nevermore story characters. One character who arrived was Evil King Woebegot! He told us that he hates bike and he locked Princess Lilly in the dungeon! The only way we could get Princess Lilly back was if we completed our magical reading challenges and sang a magical song.


All classes worked hard to complete their reading challenges and we returned to the hall to release Princess Lilly!


Thank you for all your support. We really enjoyed seeing the children’s costumes.


Kind regards,


The English Team

Holocaust – The Power of Words

Today we reflected on the Holocaust by taking part in the Holocaust Remembrance service. This year the event was about, ‘The Power of Words’.

We focused on how we can make our words and actions kind through the reading of a poem:

Tomorrow smile at someone

That you’ve never seen before.

Tomorrow tell somebody

How they brighten up your day.

Tomorrow hug your children

Somewhat tighter than before.

Be sure to think of all the things

You can be thankful for.

World Book Day 2018

To kick off 2018’s Share A Story campaign, World Book Day are on a mission to find the ULTIMATE 100 FAVOURITE STORIES TO SHARE for children and young people of all ages.

Tell us which books absolutely must make it on to the final list, to be revealed on World Book Day, 1 March 2018. Voting closes on 15 January 2018 and to thank you for taking part, you have the chance to win National Book Tokens, to buy some of the fantastic books on the list.

Please vote by following the link below:


Kind regards,

The English Team!

School Council Update – Toys


The school councillors have been researching what children would like to have on the play ground in the future.

Coran & Joshua have found that children would like, bikes, a water pump, swings, slides, a rocking horse, a climbing frame, an inside trampoline that is inside a rocket, a tunnel leading to another part of the playground, a robot that you can get inside and ride for 1 minute, a maths table, and finally some round-abouts for toy cars.

What do you think we should get for the playground?

From Coran & Joshua.

🙂               😉

Harvest Assembly

We are very excited about our upcoming Harvest assembly. Class 6V will be hosting this event and we are really pleased that we have two special guests visiting us,  Chan from Interfaith council and Rob from Winter Watch.

We will be welcoming a lot of families into school and we would like to thank you for all your support.