Hot & Cold

This week the Geography Team have been reading a story about Hot and Cold places!

Listen to it below!

Have you visited anywhere very hot? or very cold?

Maybe you might visit somewhere over the summer holidays?

If you do we would love for you to design us a postcard and tell us a little bit about where you have been

You could use the example below to help you.

Once its finished you can either send them through the post to;

Geography Team,

Ladywood School,

Masefield Rd,

Little Lever,



Or email them to:

we can’t wait to see them!


The Geography Team

Kate, Sami, Helen & Jaqui

Old & New

Hello from the History Team!

We wondered if this week you would like to have a look at some old and new toys?

Below is a communication board, can you tell us which items are old and which are new?






Is an Xbox old or new?

If you aren’t sure, you could ask the grown ups in your family, ‘were there Xbox’s when you were little?’.








What about an Etch a Sketch? Old or New?

If you aren’t sure, have a think, have you ever seen one of these before?








It’s Slime! Do you have slime at home? Is it Old or New?









This is a Yo-yo, do you think it is old or new?

Have a guess, maybe you could ask your grandparents if they recognise this one!





maybe you could sort them into this table?

You could have a look online for some of the others we included, do you think they are old or new?

log into Twinkl and have a look at this resource for even more Old and New toys

The History Team

(Kate T, Sami, Helen M & Jaqui)

Happy St George’s Day from the History Team

This St George’s Day why not get involved in some history themed crafts at home?

There are some lovely ideas on the English Heritage website

why not make yourself a Norman sword and Medieval shield out of cardboard, tinfoil and paint?

Then have a sword fight and re-enact the fight between George and the dragon!

If you don’t feel like fighting then perhaps molding yourself a dragon is more your thing?

Grab some playdough to get started, or if you don’t have any at home then ask an adult to help you make some!


We hope you have fun trying out the ideas,

The History Team,

Kate, Sami, Jaqui and Helen