Summer Reading

Phonics and Poetry 💐

Hi Everyone, the English team would like you to learn about phonics and poetry with Mary in the videos below.

You can also check the home learning hub on Twinkl, there’s lots of great phonics resources for free if you click here         







Don’t forget to use your amazing describing words in your poem! 🙂

Here are some other acrostic poems you can try.


There is another writing activity you can do on Purple Mash all about spring, just click below.

You could take a picture and email us at

Exciting News For Class 6V!!!!

We received a VERY special letter in class today from the author Emily Gravett!!!

We wrote to her using our persuasive writing features to ask if she would consider changing the ending of her amazing book “Wolves”.

As you can see from her letter she loved our writing and considered our request!! :-)))))))

We were so excited and happy to receive such a lovely letter from a famous author!