Wednesday Mindful Moment

Today’s mindful moment is all about positive touch and sharing time together. In school we use an approach called Tac Pac which is communication through touch and music. It takes around half an hour and promotes sensory communication between 2 people.

For this activity you need the following household items:


Tac Pac is best received on the skin so roll up any longs sleeves, shorts and a T shirt is best. The person receiving the massage should lie down.

It is important to remember that you always start at the foot, then leg working around the body so that it becomes a familiar pattern of movement. Follow the rhythm of the music as you touch.

Now you are ready to start.

Switch on some music and take the squeezy bottle – we’ve put some water and food colouring in the one below to just add interest. Rock the bottle onto the skin applying pressure as you travel around the body in time to the music

Next rub the bubble wrap in circular movements along the skin following the same pattern as the bottle.

Using the brush apply gentle scraping movements as you move around the body.


Using both sides of the sponge squeeze along the skin.

Open the bottle and squeeze the air from the bottle applying puffs of air along the skin.

Now take a scarf and make swishy movement to the music along the skin.


Finally it is time to relax – take  a blanket or towel and wrap yourselves up for a lovely cuddle.

At the moment Tac Pac are giving set 5 of their programme free for parents and carers. It contains videos and music you can download either on a computer or by an App. The link is below.

Have fun and remember to take time to relax together.

Free Access to Set 5

Spread the happiness

We continue to spread the happiness in school and are enjoying every minute.  We hopped  like bunnies, ran so fast we felt like we could fly, inspired our heart with art and had a dance alarm. We can’t wait to have more fun next week.


Spread the Happiness

What a fantastic week we had last week all working together to do our happiness challenges. This week is based on The Yellow submarine. Today was also national hug day so lots of hugs were given and received. We are looking forward to compliments day on Thursday and of course chocolate cup cake day!!!

Here are some pictures of our adventures from last week.

Have a good week and don’t forget to spread the happiness 😊


Spread the happiness award

This week is the start of our  Spread the Happiness accreditation. We have 5 weeks of fun activities that classes are involved in.  This week classes will be :


  • having a digit dance
  •  Singing Wilson Pickett engine number 9 song
  • Exploring 1 million outside -using chalk
  • Going to a shop and buying something with real money

In addition we will be celebrating national rubber duck day, hat day, spicy food day and Winnie the Pooh day .

We would love you to join in, you can send your photos to the office marked spread the happiness.


Santa Needs Help

Just to let you know that our song is available on Virgin from today. If you go on virgin media then on demand and kids it should be on there. It is at the end of the winning schools production Robin Hood Saves Christmas. You do have to be a virgin customer to access it but we have been promised a video so will find some way of sharing it. we have had a sneak preview and its amazing – Merry Christmas everyone.


Arts Week Day 2



Activities today include:

potion making with Natalie

Tea parties

Fun in the forest

Dough Disco with the mad cook


I wonder if we will find out who stole the jam tarts today?