Healthy bodies and healthy minds.🚶‍♀️😃

Hello  everyone , this week Beth and Helen have been thinking about the different ways that  we can sometimes feel  . We have been looking at ways to have happy thoughts and keep busy so that our minds and bodies feel happy.


Remember its ok to feel sad😥 or confused🙄 , cross😣 and happy😀. Some of the activities below will help to make you feel happy…..😀Why not try them?.


 Look at some of these activities. You could try a few of them to see how they make you feel.   Nice activities to keep our bodies and our minds active and happy .😀


Me and Grace have been sitting to do our breathing to help up stay calm.🙂


Go on a mindful walk outside.

Play games. 🤣 Grace and Milly are happy when they are playing cards together.
Act of kindness 🥰

Thank you Grace , how kind, Mummy feels

happy that you helped her to brush the floor!

You could do a job to help your grown up feel happy.

Emotional well being activities
Do activities you love.

Grace and Noah love art and craft activities.

Maybe you could do some art to make you feel calm and happy.

Spend time with family and friends.👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

We like to have our family meals together where we can all talk .

Staying physically active

my family go on lots of walks and scooter rides

in the fresh air or play in the garden

to make us feel great!

How do you feel today?

Talk or sign how you are feeling with someone in your house.

Maybe you can try some of the activities on this page to help you stay happy.😀

Have fun staying happy everyone from Beth and Helen, Social and Emotional Pathway team xx

Lego play

Today in my house my Children have been learning how to play nicely , take turns and to share with their lego bricks. Can you choose your brother, sister or a grown up to take turns and share with? You could use lego or duplo bricks or any game in your house to practice sharing and taking turns. Happy sharing from Beth and Helen. (Social and Emotional pathway team.)


Oh dear the Lego bricks are all mixed up….

My children worked together to sort the bricks into the same colour. Good team work guys!
Can you work together to help sort your lego bricks in to colours?
You can use this communication board to help!
Noah wanted a yellow brick .Grace was a good friend and passed a yellow brick to Noah. Good sharing Grace . Can you do good sharing ?
Noah made a tower for Grace to copy. Good building guys!
Noah and Grace had fun making their own models too. What Lego models can you make ?
Noah made a staircase.

Happy sharing and building everyone.