Exploring your Sensory needs.

Hello everybody!

The sensory team just wanted to post a quick update about sensory circuits as they are great used both outside when it’s sunny and inside on rainy days like today!

It GREAT fun choosing different activities for each section but remember to always follow the same order – Red activities (Alertings) Yellow Activities (Organising) Blue Activities (Calming)


Have fun!

Ashley & Joanne (The sensory Team)

Superhero Jelly!


Good morning superheros!

I hope you’re ready for some yummy superhero work today!

For today’s activity you will need the pack that contains cups/silver tray, sweets, biscuits, superheros and jelly! You will need some adult help with this task because the water needs to be hot!

If you don’t want to eat the jelly -try making it in a foil tray or deep bowl and seeing if you can rescue your stretchy superhero from the jelly depths! There are lots of other sensory play ideas you can use jelly for too!

We hope you have lots of fun superheros!

Sensory Circuits at Ladywood School.

Hello Everybody,

Here at Ladywood, we engage with Sensory Circuits in all types of different lessons & we thought it would be nice to share an example of how this can be done at home!

Sensory Circuits are intended to support sensory processing and also to prepare for engagement with learning/adult led activities.  Participation in a short sensory motor circuit prepares children to engage effectively with the day ahead. Sometime we see clues such as fidgeting, poor concentration, excessive physical contact and this tells us that a child is finding it difficult to concentrate and connect with the learning process.

Sensory circuits follow a simple structure of three parts:


These activities can include: bouncing, skipping, jumping/step ups, or safetly spinning.


These activities can include: Funny walks (animal walks/walking on all fours) Egg and spoon walk, Throw and catch whilst balancing on one leg, Infinity walk (walking in and out 2 chairs in the figure of 8 – challenge yourself by doing this with your eyes closed) Stand inside a hula-hoop on the floor- spin without leaving the hoop – stand still and press hands on head, Army crawling.


These activities can include: Press ups on a wall (count to ten & repeat three times) Push ups on a chair ( sit on a chair hands at either side and raise body slightly) Firm massage on shoulders, arms feet, shoulders, hands and back.

 Class 1F are learning all about the story ‘Handa’s surprise’ & Olivia has shown us how we could learn the story and use these moves to identify the animals and begin to retell the key events!

Maybe you could watch the Handa Story & try the sensory circuit at home?


Please adapt the movements to the space and resources you have available at home & remember that this kind of activity requires adult guidance to assist the child to transition into/carry out each movement. 


Have fun & be careful.

Stay safe & See you soon

The sensory Team

Ashley & Joanne

School Council’s third meeting!

What a fabulous third meeting for our School Councillor’s. We had lots to discuss on today’s agenda! We discussed what to spend the money we raised from our DT projects on and we voted for our new School VIPs. We wonder who they will be?VIP

Also, keeping checking back for updates on all our hard work in gaining the Investors In Pupils award!



Maths Fun Day!

This week 1F had lots of fun with a Willy Wonka themed Maths fun day with Dave Godfrey!

We had a great time exploring the sensory area with numbers in jelly and chocolate (YUM!) We also learnt lots of new number songs and used our maths skill to decorate biscuits! IMG_0125 IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0141 IMG_0144 IMG_0152