Letter Formation fun with the English Team

Hello from the English team.

This week we are looking at fun ways to practice your writing at home. Take a look at Karly’s video below:


We hope you enjoyed the video and it has given you some fun ideas to  help make writing enjoyable.

As well as being fun these activities are helping to strengthen the fine motor muscles in preparation for writing, they also help you to learn how to form your letters correctly.

The activities can be adapted in lots of ways you can:

  • Write single letters
  • write two or three letter words e.g is, it,cat,dog
  • write your first name
  • write your full name 
  • write a story     

We would love to hear from you and see pictures of you taking part in some of these great activities at home.


The English Team


World Book Day 2020




What a fantastic day we had for World Book Day.


This year the day was focused on the story Supertato, the super vegetables were reading their favourite books when Evil Pea appeared and captured them. Take a look at what happened:

Everyone was very excited and keen to show Evil Pea how much fun reading is. Thank you to everyone for  taking part.

Because all the classes completed the reading challenge Evil Pea decided to Believe and Achieve, he released the super vegetables and everyone celebrated by having a party.


Thank you to everyone for making World Book Day 2020 the best yet.

Our World Book Day excitement has been featured in the Bolton News-Take a look and let us know what you think.