Transition time for children already at Ladywood

We are starting to think about your year ahead and this video hopes to show you Ladywood school again and remind you of the different things we have at school.

You will be receiving more information about your transition very soon, so keep an eye on the post and we will speak on the phone.Postman GIFs | Tenor


If you have any questions please contact Friend of Ladywood email:

Key Stage 1 Lead – Sarah Dakin

Key Stage 2 Lead – Laura Baker

Transition video for new starters

Here is a video for children who will be new to Ladywood.

It should hopefully let you and your child see different learning spaces at Ladywood.

We will be getting in touch to find out more about your child and how we can support them when they start with us.

If you have any questions  please send an email

Sarah Dakin – Key Stage 1

Laura Baker – Key Stage 2

at  and we will be happy to get in touch.


Ladywood Pancake day 2020

Fun and engaging day at Ladywood to immerse the children into investigating where the ingredients to make pancakes come from.
Some wow moments and great communication from all our children.
Take a look at some of our photos including;

pancakes, pancakes story session where we flailed the wheat, collected the eggs, ground the grain to make flour, milked the cows and turned the milk to butter.

pancake picnic where we chose the toppings and enjoyed eating the pancakes  yum yum!

pancake assembly where there were flipping champions, pancake races and silly chefs following your instructions to make pancakes.

wonderful day of immersive learning.

thankyou Ladywood team.