Les Fruits


This week’s French blog is going to focus on fruits. When we are learning French words we like to practice them in lots of different ways. Here are some ideas for practicing 4 key fruits.

Try listening to this song to help get you started.



We like to use real objects when learning new words. First we are going to practice listening to the names of the fruits spoken in French. Listen carefully as each word is spoken.


Why not join us and make a fruit kebab? Can you find the correct fruit as it is spoken then thread it onto your kebab?


Now practice saying the words as you choose the fruits to make your own kebabs.


Once you have made your kebab you could draw or make a picture showing it. Here are some pictures which you could print if you have access to a printer.

Why not try writing the words in French like this …


If you haven’t got these fruits at home perhaps you could use any fruits you do have – here are some of the other fruit names in French.


If you don’t have any fruit or don’t like fruit you could always draw or make a picture showing a fruit kebab and practice saying and/or writing the words.

We hope you have enjoyed learning some French fruit names. Please comment below to let us know if you made a kebab or email pictures to chestnut@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk.

Au Revoir

Jenny and Sharon (MFL team)

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