Capacity Learning From the Maths Team

Hello everybody!


This week the maths team are doing some capacity learning.

To join in with our capacity learning you will need:


You can choose which videos you would like to join in with.

The videos will get more challenging the more you watch 🙂

Lets get started:

In this first video we are enjoying the water, beginning to explore the movement of the water and learning about full, empty and half full.



In this next video we are starting to measure and compare the capacity of different containers:


In our final video we are looking at measuring capacity using standard units.

Litres and Millilitres or l and ml.



You can also practice your capacity learning online.

Click the image to take you to the link.



We hope you have enjoyed your capacity learning as much as we did!

Take care and Stay safe, 

Sarah B, Mel, Jenna P, Kate B, Karolina and Caitlin 


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