Sensory Ideas

This week the sensory team would like to show you some simple sensory play ideas for you to try at home.

Sensory play has many benefits for our children :

It can be fun and engaging

 Help with mindfulness and calming 

Encourage exploration and investigation

Develop the senses

Promote fine a gross motor skills

Provide practical learning experiences

Play dough

Below is a simple playdough recipe that you could make at home.

You could add texture and smell to the playdough to suit the needs of your child

Some things you could add are glitter, sequins, sand, food colouring, peppermint essence, vanilla essence, ginger or other spices.


Feely Board or Book

You could use items at home to create a feely board or book for your child to explore with different textures.

You could also add smells using essential oils or essences

Examples of things you could use are:








Here are some examples of  homemade feely boards and books



Tactile balloons

These balloons are a good for tactile sensory input, Fine motor skills, to engage the mind and body or to calm the mind. 

The balloons can be filled with whatever you like to provide different textures and sensory input.

Some things you could fill your balloon with are:

Rice, flour, sand, pasta, playdough, seeds, salt, sugar, shower gel, hair gel

For the best results blow your balloon up and release the air to stretch the balloon then use a funnel to fill them

You could get your child to draw funny faces or pictures on the balloons to decorate them

There are lots of other sensory play ideas online or on Pinterest that you could try at home here are some of our favourites:

We hope you have fun exploring

The sensory team Ashley and Joanne





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  1. These ideas are really good. I think there’s lots of things in our garage that I could use to make a sensory board. I’m going to try.

  2. These ideas are lovely! One of the main features of our dining room table at the minute is a big bowl full of different coloured sand and kinetic sand plus rice and pasta!


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