Pop Art


This week the Arts Team are looking at Pop Art.

This is a fun form of art that really does….POP!

Well known artists for Pop Art are Roy Lichtenstein

and Andy Warhol.

Could you do some Pop Art of your own?

What bright colours could you use to make it…POP?

Step by Step Instructions:

1 – Draw the object/word you want to stand out. Draw in pencil first, go over it in black pen and rub out the pencil.

2 – Draw your background in pencil, whatever design you choose.  Don’t worry about going over your original design as this will rub out. When you are happy with your design, rub out any pencil on your original design then go over the background design in black pen. Rub out remaining pencil.

3 – Colour in your original design, then colour in the background. For your background, you could do block colours, big and small dots, stripes and patterns. Just remember to use bright colours.

I have been exploring Pop Art at home and have put my designs in step by step photos below for you to use alongside the instructions.

Ice Cream Art

For this artwork I did the grid design of drawing the same picture in each box. I used white paper, black pen and colouring pencils.

Word Art

For this artwork I did the word pop art design using white paper, black pen and felt tips.

Food Art

For this artwork I chose some items from my kitchen and decided to make them POP! I used white paper, black pen, felt tips and colouring pencils.

This is a fun activity for both children and parents.

During these uncertain times artwork is a good way to reduce stress and worry. When you are engaged in artwork it distracts the mind and focuses it on creating art instead. I found it very therapeutic and enjoyable.

Take Care Everyone!

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