Barrier Games to Improve Communication and Listening Skills.

Hello everyone,

The communication team would like to tell you about Barrier Games.

Barrier games are a fun and interactive way to help improve communication , listening and social skills.  They require a minimum of 2 people sitting with a barrier between them and convey information to each other to reach a common goal.

You need a barrier – eg a piece of card or box between you. The adult gives an instruction to the child whilst carrying out the instruction then the barrier is removed to compare.

There are lots of different examples of barrier games but both players must have duplicate items. In our example we have used Duplo bricks where each player has to build the identical object but you could also use pictures , where each player is given a background and an identical set of picture cards .One player then places their pictures on their background one by one, before giving the other player instructions on where to place their equivocal pictures.

These games are done based on the child’s ability level, so depending on the child’s individual skill, instructions may be simple or complex. The goal is always the same , everyones materials to be set up the same way.

Some examples of the things you can work on include:

Listening Skills
Following directions
Turn taking 
Understanding prepositions (in, out, under, over ect)
Expressive use of adjectives such as size, colour, shape ect
Ability to ask questions / clarification of directions 


If you do try any barrier games at home, please take a picture and send it to the Communication Team at :

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