Cooking and Nutrition

Hello everyone!

As we are staying safe at home I want us to think about our nutrition.

Do we know what foods are healthy and which foods are not?

I asked some of the Ladywood staff to send me a picture of their favourite snack. I got lots of different types of snacks, but I need help to decide if they are healthy and I should ‘eat a lot of it’ or if they are a little unhealthy and I should ‘only eat a little bit of it’.

Can you help me by commenting below which is which?

Karly likes:


Gaynor eats:

Jenna enjoys:

Julie likes:

Kay loves:

Katie snacks on:

What snacks are you enjoying whilst you are safe at home? 

Whos snack is the healthiest?

We would love to see pictures of you sorting healthy and unhealthy foods send pictures and videos to:

Look at this fantastic at home learning! We are super proud you know which foods are healthy and unhealthy! 

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