7 thoughts on “Bendrigg Climbing Wall – Group 2”

  1. I am missing you all already, cant wait to see you on Monday! -Leon G
    The pictures look amazing, hope you are all having the best time ever! – Gaynor.
    I hope you are all having a fantastic time and are enjoying it as much as we did! -Lynn
    I miss you Jack and Emerson.-Bobby.
    I really think that Leon G will be really proud of you , I am very happy aswell of what you have done alongside the rest of 6H.-Alex
    I hope you are having lots of fun and getting lots of sleep!-Karly

  2. Looks absolutely amazing. So lovely to see you all doing the activities having fun. Superstars!!

  3. Looks like you’re all having as amazing a time as Group 1 had! Enjoy your last evening together x

  4. Awe these pics are amazing and all the children look like their having a brilliant time. Well done to you all for doing those activities especially when your so high up I couldn’t do it. Ella has told me all about her time away and shes really enjoyed herself I’m so proud of you ella and the rest of you x


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