Bendrigg 2: What a busy day: Zip Wire, Archery and Campfire :)

What a fantastic day we had at Bendrigg Lodge. The staff  here are absolutely fantastic, making sure that the children are able to experience and participate in all activities, food is just beautiful and children are socialising so well. The windy and rainy weather hasn’t stopped the children from smiling and every child has tried something new yet again…AMAZING! We voted for our favourite activity and the winner was climbing 🙂

Some quotes from today   “The slide is crazy” “Thank You” “It’s a safety mountain” “The sunrise made me feel happy and joyful inside” “This is the best day of my life” “I really like the food at Bendrigg” “It is the best time ever” “I like it” ” I can do it, I can achieve”   

2 thoughts on “Bendrigg 2: What a busy day: Zip Wire, Archery and Campfire :)”

  1. Fab pictures! Every child looks so happy and chilled out.. so happy to see them all smiling and enjoying.
    Thank you Ladywood and all amazing staff who have taken excellent care of them over the past 2 days. Really appreciate you all for the love and care


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