Day one at Bendrigg Lodge – Group 2

What a fantastic first day at Bendrigg Lodge. We were very busy: on arrival we made our own beds and we were very independent, then we helped set tables for lunch. We participated in many activities: indoor caving, low ropes courses and  an indoor swing.  Some quotes from the children: “It’s the best time ever”, “What a beautiful view”.

6 thoughts on “Day one at Bendrigg Lodge – Group 2”

  1. Lovely pictures.
    Glad to.see.all the kids are having a great time!
    Thank you for giving our kids this amazing opportunity to experience this place.

  2. Lovely pictures!
    Nice to see our kids are enjoying..
    Thank you for giving our kids opportunity of a wonderful experience!

  3. Thankyou for the wonderful pictures and giving the children memories that will last forever ❤️


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