Week 2

Week 2 at Ladywood has been fabulous! The children have settled into the school routine extremely well and we have started our music and dance sessions run by Ian and Naomi. 

We had our first assembly on Friday, in which we welcomed new children and staff. One of the highlights for me was seeing friends from the older classes choosing to be together in their golden time session, lots of fun, laughter and smiles could be seen.

Have a lovely weekend, I hope it is a sunny one.

Susan and everyone at Ladywood

2 thoughts on “Week 2”

  1. Dylan said I’m.a great dancer the lady said I should go dancing lessons bless he loved well chuffed xxxx it’s a great feeling after him.at his other school not having much positives but Dylan so proud he can dance and loves having his job day saying we all have a job stud proud to emphasise how great he ft having a job thank ladywood and sean a d 3k class x


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