Group 2 have arrived!

Group 2 met group 1 for lunch today and waved them off to start our own adventure!

We loved taking part in archery.

Harry said “Natalie it went so far” and Eve said “I’m great at that.”

William chose “I like it” when asked about archery.

We also had a fantastic time playing on the park and exploring the caves!

Casey said “Look I’m sat in a tunnel!”

Theo said “good, they’re big” and Luke said “walking and crawling” when asked about the caves.

We cannot wait for the tube slide tonight and for more exciting adventures tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Group 2 have arrived!”

  1. This looks like the beginning of a very happy holiday. With lots and lots of exciting adventures to come.

  2. Emerson said “That looks awesome.”
    Thomas said “Wow!!”
    Bobby said “It looks different and great.”

    Glad you’re all having a great time 🙂


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