Year 6 Residential to Bendrigg (group one)

We are having a wonderful time on our holiday.

Today we have enjoyed archery, indoor caving and conquered the big snake slide.


In between the activities we enjoyed exploring Acorn house and  we learnt how to make our own beds.


We are very excited about what tomorrow will bring!!

9 thoughts on “Year 6 Residential to Bendrigg (group one)”

  1. Looks like you are all having a fantastic time! What wonderful experiences, we are enjoying seeing the pictures of all your happy faces.

    Ella “What are you doing today? I hope you write back”
    James “I miss everyone”
    Casey “See you at lunch tomorrow”
    Maisie “I bet you’re having a lovely time”
    Jacqui “Hope you are all enjoying the activities and are joining in”

    Don’t forget to Believe and Achieve!

  2. Bendigg is cool-and I like the zip wire and the indoor cave. I hope you are having a nice time! From Thomas 6v

  3. I am hoping my grandson Luke enjoys it. It will do him good, thankyou so much, giving him this oppertunity,it looks an amazing experience for handicapped people.


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