Week 3

A fantastic week in 6W!

We have done lots of fantastic learning and had a special visitor.

The children working in teams to use the shapes to build a picture. They did excellent communicating and were able to take on their role really well.

Congratulations to everyone as we have raised an massive amount for children in need. Take a look at some of our exciting activities.


Week 2!

A wonderful week 2 in class 6W!

Thank you to everyone who came to see our assembly. the children made us very proud and did a wonderful performance.

We have been learning about money this week and we are using different coins to be able to make sets. It would be great if you could let your child count out the money when shopping for small items!

We are learning about electricity in science. Lots of the children have remembered how to build a circuit. We are going to look at the effect the voltage of a battery has  on the brightness of the bulb!

We look forward to lots more learning next week!

First Week Back

We have had a lovely first week back learning all about our new topic on World War 1. We have visited the Imperial War Museum and Bolton town centre cenotaph. We also learnt about keeping safe at this time of year from the fire service. The children were given the opportunity to go onto the engine and fire the hose.











Welcome Back!

Welcome back for Autumn 2!

We hope you had a happy and safe half term.

6W are going to be learning about World War 1 and we cannot wait. We will be doing a class assembly on remembrance on Thursday the 8th of November we hope to see you there!

If you would like to take part in some learning at home, when you are out and about  keep an eye out for any war memorials that you see. We would love to receive some pictures in class if you get the chance to spot any.

Here is a little overview of information all about our topic: Parent topic info

Week 7!

Our last week of this half term has been fabulous!

We have been working really hard in our maths. The children love learning new things in practical ways!


This week in writing the children wrote wonderful fact files all about the Tudors. They have learnt so much, we are so proud!

As a special treat the children have worked all half term towards a Slime Party! They enjoyed making slime in the colour of their choice and playing with it. It’s a magical experiment to watch it change from glue to slime!

We can’t wait for next half term.

Have a happy and safe break!

A Wonderful Week 6!

6W have been enjoying lots of different learning experiences this week.

We have been gaining lots of skills in Rugby. Learning to score tried and tackle the other team by taking tags. Look at the big smiles on 6W’s faces!








In Science we have learnt about how shadows are made. We were lucky to have a sunny day to make shadows of ourselves. Can you guess who they are by the shape?









The children have been using our story cards to tell their peers a story adding in lots of detail. They are so creative!










We look forward to our last week before the holidays. 6W can’t wait to show off their lovely learning at parents evening.

Week 5 in 6W!

Another busy and very exciting week in 6W.

The children are very excited about the elections and voting for their councillors. They wrote and shared speeches with the class and cast their votes. We can’t wait for the results!






This week in Rugby we have started learning how to take our oppositions tags. We had so much fun and laughs we forgot to take pictures!

We have completed our Tudor portraits and they look amazing! The children have worked really hard to create them.









In science we have been learning about how shadows are made. The children were very good and guessing the object that was blocking the light and creating their own.

If you want to learn at home you could talk about how the sun makes shadows at different angles.

Week 4!

We’ve had a wonderful week in 6W!

This week we started Rugby. We were throwing and catching the ball. We also learnt how to score a try!








We have been learning about Judaism and this week we looked at Jewish clothing. The children tried on a Kippah and a Tallit.

On our educational visit we were lucky enough to be able to take a look around Turton Tower. We saw some real wattle and daub inside the walls and enjoyed looking at the self portraits.

The children tried on hats used in battles and enjoyed hunting for robins and bats in lots of different rooms.



Week 3

A very busy third week in Class 6W! We are learning our colours in French and everyone has really taken to the French language…maybe we’ll speak it all the time 🙂

We have explored how light travels in straight lines. Next week we will look at how we see the things around us and revisit how light travels.

We also had the opportunity to find out what the Tudors ate and make our own Rye bread. It tasted yummy in tuck the next day!