Week 2

6w enjoying dough disco day. We had great fun walking our fingers to develop our fine motor skills.

We have also enjoyed investigating how our caterpillars have grown. All the pupils were very excited at their arrival

Welcome Back!

We have had a fantastic first week back starting our new topic ‘Moving On and Up’

In Science we have been investigating forces and motion both in and out of the classroom. The children really enjoyed demonstrating their current knowledge and deciding what they want to find out about. We are going to be investigating gravity next week and we cannot wait.

We have also been using our number skills to apply to our money learning. We used our mental maths skills for calculate amounts and find change!

1st week of the summer term



It has been a great 1st week back. We have been enjoying the introduction to our new topic What A Wonderful World.

     Our chickens arrived in their incubator!

  We had our first dance lesson with Naomi.

We loved learning outside about physical and human geography.

A wonderful week in 6W!

We love learning !

Shrove Tuesday in 6W!

We made pancakes as a class and enjoyed using flour to do our weight learning.

We really enjoyed designing and making Maya masks in History. The children are so creative.

Class 6W loved world book day, we had some wonderful book characters!

James’s favourite part was the assembly.

Matthew said “My favourite part was dressing up for world book day”

Lee said “My favourite part was when we saw Cruelle De Vil”

Maisie said “My favourite part was the party”

Lewis said “My favourite bit was when Cruelle De Vil locked Cadpig in her cage”

Welcome back!

A fantastic first week back on our topic of The Maya Civilisation!

We explored the Maya Civilisation and our new classroom areas.

We have begun creating a Fresco as  class. We cannot wait to show everyone the finished piece!









We created a word map as a class around our new word fossil! 6W explored a fossil and found out where they come from.

Week 4!

What a week we had!

We started our week with circuits to see the effects of exercise on our bodies and the fun carried on from there.






The children enjoyed exploring Miro’s artwork in their sketchbooks.


Look forward to seeing what next week brings!

Week 3!

A wonderful week in 6W.

We enjoyed travelling around Stevie circulation in science learning all about how the blood carries oxygen.

A lovely snowy walk to Tesco to look at what countries our food comes from.

We look forward to another week on our topic staying Alive!

Week 2

A wonderful week in 6W!

This week in science we learnt about the parts of the circulatory system.

Matthew said ” there’s the heart and the lungs”

6W sang our song about the blood vessels. It’s to the tune frère Jacques:

Arteries away, arteries away,

Veins go home, veins go home,

Capillaries in the middle, Capillaries in the middle,

Circulation, circulation.

The children have also learnt about keep their bodies healthy. They made savoury tarts after shopping for the ingredients on the minibus.


Staying Alive week 1

We have started our new topic this week of Staying Alive. All the class have been enjoying learning about the circulatory system in science and we have also touched on looked at healthy diet and healthy choices at lunchtime.

Our year 6 pupils went to their first swimming lesson and all of them thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also walked around the jumbles reservoir to see how exercise impacts our body.