Blackpool Zoo!

To finish off a fantastic year we visited Blackpool Zoo for our end of year school trip.

We had so much fun!



Everyone really enjoyed watching the sea lion show.


Monkeying around!



There were so many animals to see






We had such a fantastic day – what a great way to end the year!

Recyclable Art!






As part of our recycling project we have been using plastic bottles to create some fantastic art, check out our ladybirds below!

They are up for sale at our Summer fair and you can get one by giving a small donation. Hope to see you there tomorrow.


We have been continuing with learning lots of  new independent skills and have successfully made sandwiches, pizza’s and scrambled eggs.  They are so good they now prepare, make and tidy up tuck. Well done all!




Ready, Steady, Go!

This term our topic is called ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ we are preparing for year six and high school. We are learning lots of new skills!  


How to prepare tuck and to wash up.



How to budget and to buy things at the shop.  




How to make pizza.




We are all doing really well at developing these new skills!


A fun week in Class 5H

Class 5H enjoyed meeting  one of the baby chicks and some chickens that visited us from the farm.


Our two year six pupils have also  been to Bendrigg and had “the best time ever”. The rest of the boys are really excited about going next year.


We hope everyone has a lovely half term and the sun continues to shine.




A hopping mad week!

It’s  been another great week in class 5H!


We have been learning about pond life and the lifecycle of a frog.





We visited Moses Gate Country park to do some pond dipping.


We found some tadpoles, everyone was very excited to see them.

Before we left we made sure that we put the tadpoles back in their habitat.

Save our Rainforest!

This week we have spent a lot of time in the forest learning all about the rainforest and deforestation. Everybody has learnt how important it is to recycle and look after our planet.


See the source image





Class 5H are making plans to help our school become more aware of how important it is to recycle.


See the source image

What a wonderful World!

Its been a really fun week  in class 5H, we are really excited about our new topic ‘ What a Wonderful World’.




We have been focusing on animals this week so we  visited Heaton Park farm, It was so much fun!




We had some new friends arrive at school this week. We went down to investigate what was going on!

In English we wrote an account of what we saw and made predictions on what is going to happen next. Everyone is very excited.

A very active week in Class 5H


This week we reached a milestone in our John O’Groats to Lands End running challenge, we passed 400 miles making our way into the lake district on our interactive map. Well done everyone!




In music we have been playing the drums making samba music





Viking Invasion

5H had a Viking invasion this week, they took turns to be the Vikings and to be the villagers. They experienced what it must have been like to be a Viking or invaded by them.        

Here is how some of the children described the invasion:

“The Vikings were fierce”

“They broke into peoples houses”  

“The people were terrified”

“The villagers were scared”

“The Vikings were in a long boat”

“Vikings battled in class”


Comic Relief Fun!


Comic relief  has been so much fun today with lots of smiles, laughter and fun activities.






We had fun dressing up and taking part in pie face!









We enjoyed the music and dancing!



We decorated biscuits!

We had so much fun doing something funny for money.

Thanks for all the kind donations.