What a fantastic start in 6H!

What a fantastic

What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had .Everyone has come back ready to learn and happy to be a part of 6H.

We have been dancing with Naomi, starting our new topic all about Staying alive and finding out how our body functions.

Today is Road Dahl day we have been reading all about him and finding out fun facts about his life which the children found really interesting.

We are encouraging the children to read more at home for extra rewards.

Have a great weekend


Fuzzy Edd’s

On Tuesday  we visited Fuzzy Edd’s play centre as part of our P.E. topic . The children had a fantastic time climbing, swinging, sliding , rolling and really enjoyed it. .We have also been learning about changing states in science and we have read Supertato in English.We had lots of fun learning.

The Dental Nurse

On Tuesday, Lorna the dental nurse came in to show us how to brush and clean our teeth. She made it really fun and interesting as we had to brush all the puppets teeth and our own. She gave us all a cleaning chart and if we fill it in at home we can win a prize – yippee!

We have all been working very hard in English, Maths and Science to show how much we have learned this term.

We have also been learning about volcanoes and have made and painted our own which will erupt next week. We are very excited!

Pancake Day/World Book Day

We have had a very enjoyable fun week in class.

On Tuesday we visited Bolton Market and bought lots of fruits as we are learning about healthy and unhealthy food. We were given grapes and oranges from the stall holders which was very kind ,in the afternoon we made pancakes and flipped them and of course ate them, mmmm.On Thursday it was World Book Day the children all looked fantastic in their outfits . We looked at books by Roald Dahl and made a magic medicine just like George does in Georges marvellous medicine. We read in unusual places around the school and we persuaded Cruella Deville that reading is awesome.

Learning about sound

As part of our Victorian topic we have been exploring sound and we have been lucky enough to have a fantastic student called Caitlin who has been teaching us how to make telephones ,instruments and how sound travels. Caitlin has been a valuable part of our team this half term and we think she will be an amazing teacher.  The children have been really enthusiastic learning about the Victorians and I’m sure they are glad that times have changed.

Merry Christmas

We’ve had a fantastic time celebrating Christmas and even the cheeky elf turned himself around and started to behave beautifully. The children absolutely loved performing “Don’t stop believing.” As we all know “If you don’t believe you don’t receive!”

We hope you have a magical Christmas with your wonderful children.

Sean, Karen & Lynn