A wonderful year…

What a wonderful year… 

Here are some pictures to review what a fantastic year it has been in 3B!

We had a fantastic trip to the Anderton Centre. 

We loved our trip to Clifton Country Park. 

We have taken part in lots of school events!

Our learning has been amazing! We have learnt about Supertato, World Book Day, The Stoneage, Samuel Crompton, how Muslim’s celebrate Eid, visited a Hindu temple and we wrote stories about the Mr Men and Little Misses. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas and taking part in the Christmas performance. 


Thank you to all of the parents for your support. We have loved seeing the children progress and grow over this year. We hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Welcome to the Stone Age…

We had a great day on Thursday exploring life in the Stone Age…

We used our art skills to sculpt some woolly mammoths:

We enjoyed creating some cave paintings:

We wrote our names using the Stone Age letters:

We had lots of fun dressing up in the Stone Age clothing:

We even made a Caveman Crumble using berries…

3B Road Safety Heroes!

This week in 3B we have been learning all about how to keep safe when we cross the road. We read a story about Super Cat who helped his friends keep safe crossing the road.

We walked to Tesco to put our road safety skills into action. We used the pelican and zebra crossings to help us keep safe.

We remembered to:


We also enjoyed putting in some token to vote for Ladywood School in Tesco

The Anderton Centre

3B are adventurers!

On Monday 3B went on an amazing trip to the Anderton Centre. We had a brilliant time trying out the activities. We toasted marshmallows over a fire, climbed up a tree and paddled around the lake on a huge paddle board.

Here we are making sparks to light a fire:

We toasted marshmallows:

We all did our best to climb up the tree. All of the children in 3B were very brave:

Look at how high we went…

We loved trying out the paddle board and kayaks!

We had to put on our waterproof clothes and life jackets.


Yabba Dabba Doo!

Stone Age Clothing!

This week we have started our topic learning all about how people lived in the Stone Age.

This week we dressed up in Stone Age clothing (animal pelts and skins) and went up to the forest to try and find a woolly mammoth.



Here are some photos from our fantastic trip!

We loved playing on the park, looking for the sculptures and eating our ice cream!


We found the Fairy Tale characters around the park:

We enjoyed eating chips and ice cream at Macdonald’s: 

Eid Celebrations

 3B’s Eid Party

3B have been working hard to get dojo’s to earn the money that we needed to pay Susan back. We borrowed the money to pay for our Eid party. This was part of our PSHE learning about looking after your money. We had a fantastic time partying. Here we are receiving the money:

A busy end to a fantastic half term…

Fun in the Sun

It has been a fantastic end to a brilliant half term, we have done lots of learning but had lots of fun! Here are a few photos of what we have been doing over the past couple of weeks:

On Monday we had some special visitors at Ladywood and got to meet two chickens called Pingu and Greta, they were very well behaved and we would love to see them again soon.

Last week we had a lovely visit to Curley’s Fisheries to look at the animal sculptures and have our picnic party that we had been working for all half term. Well done 3B!

We also used maps to help us find our treasure in the forest.