Journey sticks in the forest

Class 2J have started our science learning about plants today by visiting the forest and collecting examples of the plants we found on a journey around the forest. We took a small sample of the plants we found and placed them onto a stick to make journey sticks. The children loved this activity and were really interested in the different plants we found. We also enjoyed watching and listening to the cow in the farmer’s field next door.


Science Fun!

2J have loved our science learning based around transport. We explored making balloon rockets in the forest and watching them zoom. We loved making tunnels and tracks for the trains. We also enjoyed exploring making cars move down ramps or different sizes and heights.

2J Class Assembly

Wow!! 2J shared their class assembly on Wednesday on the theme of “Belonging”. We have been learning about ourselves and all the things which make us special as individuals and also how we belong together as class 2J and also part of Ladywood. Thank you to those who could come along. Here are a few snapshots of the assembly and also the video we shared.