End of the the year!

We’re so sad that our year in 1F is coming to an end- but we are very proud of all your achievements!

Our second to last week has been full of smiles and fun with our friends.



And a quick reminder of the lovely memories we have from this year!

Thank you 1F

Ashley, Melissa & Olivia

1F are artists!

This week we have been creating pieces of art inspired by Claude Monet. We used watercolours and oil pastels to copy some of his paintings. We also experimented with mixing different colours to created a patterned background!


We also created our own lily pond based on one of his paintings ‘waterlily’s’

We hope you like our amazing art work!


1F go on safari!

Today has been a very exciting day for 1F as we went on our end of year trip to Knowsley Safari park! Although the weather wasn’t on our side we still had lots of fun!

We saw some lions, tigers, rhino’s, deer, camels, ostrich and even a moose! We had opportunities to pull over into viewing points so we could look out of the window to get a better view!





1F meet the baby chicks and chickens!

This week in 1F we have been learning all about the life cycle of a chick, and what better way to do so than to meet a baby chick and chicken! We then wrote about our experience and labelled different parts of a chick.



The children said:

“I like the baby chicken”

“Baby chick so soft and fluffy”

“Baby brown bird turn into mummy brown bird”

“Baby chick egg go crack”








Living Eggs

1F are super excited about the arrival of the living eggs at Ladywood!

We did lots of science learning about the life-cycle of a hen, and predicted what might come out of the eggs when they finally hatch! We all loved watching a video of a chick hatching!


Money Tuck

We have had a wonderful first week back and this morning we enjoyed doing our very first money tuck time. Each child came up one by one to ‘buy’ their own tuck using ‘money’! We even had some extra special treats on offer such as pancakes and bagels! This is something we will be doing on a weekly basis to encourage communication and understanding of money.


Happy Easter!

We have had a very busy week in 1F doing lots of fun Easter activities! Today we made Rice Krispie Easter cakes.. (we even got to lick the spoon!)


In 1F we love hopping like bunnies! Please watch our video and feel free to join in at home!

Hop like bunnies


This week we have also been busy making a special Easter picture for you. We thought you might like to see what went on behind the scenes..


Here is our final product! We hope you enjoy!


Happy Easter! We hope you all have a lovely Easter break, 1F team.