School Council Update – Toys


The school councillors have been researching what children would like to have on the play ground in the future.

Coran & Joshua have found that children would like, bikes, a water pump, swings, slides, a rocking horse, a climbing frame, an inside trampoline that is inside a rocket, a tunnel leading to another part of the playground, a robot that you can get inside and ride for 1 minute, a maths table, and finally some round-abouts for toy cars.

What do you think we should get for the playground?

From Coran & Joshua.

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2 thoughts on “School Council Update – Toys”

  1. bikes says Alfie,
    balls says Daniel
    Numbers says Alex,
    Cars says Jordan,
    Games like Piranah Panic says Malcolm,
    remote control cars says Leon,
    balls says Euan,
    cars for Matthew with a car mat.
    These are our ideas from 3P.

  2. Hi Coran and Joshua,

    This is what we would like in class 4J.

    William Taylor Mann – an inset trampoline
    Luke and Eve – a climbing frame (a spider web)
    Lee – a swing
    Alexander – new scooters
    Joris – big bikes for older children
    William – a wooden bridge




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