First few weeks

2C have settled back into the school routine very well. 

This week we have looked at our school environment and decided we liked it, been on a ‘s’ hunt in the forest, shown how clever we are at maths, had a fun time learning about colour mixing (sorry for the messy clothes) and had lots of fun outside.

Summer Reading

Hot & Cold

This week the Geography Team have been reading a story about Hot and Cold places!

Listen to it below!

Have you visited anywhere very hot? or very cold?

Maybe you might visit somewhere over the summer holidays?

If you do we would love for you to design us a postcard and tell us a little bit about where you have been

You could use the example below to help you.

Once its finished you can either send them through the post to;

Geography Team,

Ladywood School,

Masefield Rd,

Little Lever,



Or email them to:

we can’t wait to see them!


The Geography Team

Kate, Sami, Helen & Jaqui

Art activity

Art therapy is creative expression using media such as paint, drawing or collage as a way to express ourselves. It is another way of communicating.

Art making can be therapeutic.

It can be a form of relaxation and enjoyment.

Art can also build self-esteem.

It can help to release tension and anxiety by using the creative process of materials.


Today the Arts team are looking at emotions.

For this activity you will need some paper and coloured pencils, markers, paint or crayons. It may be a favourite colour you want to use to express your feelings.

We have created a poster with a variety of activities to choose from:


What do you think of the art activity?

We would love to see your learning!

Money with the Maths Team

Hello Everyone!

It’s Jenna here from the Maths Team and today we have lots of activities about money for you to try at home.


Why not sing-a-long with our ‘5 Currant Buns’ song?
You could even get a little messy and make shaving foam ‘buns’ and splat them each time one is taken away!

We hope you have had fun learning all about money with us.

Remember you can send any photos or videos of your learning at home to your class emails.

Stay Safe.
Jenna, Sarah, Karolina, Mel, Kate and Caitlin 
(Maths Team)


Hello from the French team.

Today in our French blog we are going to learn about a special day called Bastille Day and also the French flag (Le Tricolore).

Bastille Day

Where and When?

Bastille Day is celebrated in France, as well as by French people all around the world. Bastille Day is held every year on 14th July and it was declared as the French National Day in 1880.


This day remembers the end of the French monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution. On 14th July 1789 a large group of people in France rebelled against their king and queen.


Today people celebrate by coming together to have a party where they watch parades, enjoy banquets and join in with dancing. There are also lots of fireworks displays on Bastille Eve and Bastille Day.


There are special parades to celebrate Bastille Day. Here are some pictures of the Bastille Day parade in Paris

People enjoy having parties in their streets and gardens and in parks. Here are some pictures of decorations ready for parties for Bastille Day.

Here are some children and adults ready for their celebrations.

What do you notice about the pictures?

They all have blue (bleu), white (blanc) and red (rouge) in them but why?

Le Tricolore

Bleu, blanc and rouge are the colours of the French Flag – Le Tricolore. Le Tricolore means ‘3 colours’ – what a good name for the flag.

Bleu                       Blanc                Rouge

Listen to this song – can you hear the words “Le Tricolore” “bleu” “blanc” “rouge”?

Try listening again and joining in with the words.

People wave flags and use them to decorate the streets and their homes for Bastille Day.

To help you learn the colours and the name of the flag you could explore the colours and practise saying and hearing the colours through sensory activities.

Why not make a flag and practise saying and hearing the colours as you do.

You could paint one …

Collage one …

Or make one from coloured paper …

Here is a blank template if you would like to print one out

Don’t forget to listen to and/or say the colours as you make your flag.

Now you’ve made some decorations perhaps you could have a little party and join in the celebrations for Bastille Day. You could find out about foods which people might eat at parties and listen to some French music.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about Bastille Day and Le Tricolore. Please remember to send us some photographs of your flags and some videos of you practicing the colours in French as we love to see your learning. Please email these to


Au revoir à bientôt

Jenny and Sharon

Healthy bodies and healthy minds.🚶‍♀️😃

Hello  everyone , this week Beth and Helen have been thinking about the different ways that  we can sometimes feel  . We have been looking at ways to have happy thoughts and keep busy so that our minds and bodies feel happy.


Remember its ok to feel sad😥 or confused🙄 , cross😣 and happy😀. Some of the activities below will help to make you feel happy…..😀Why not try them?.


 Look at some of these activities. You could try a few of them to see how they make you feel.   Nice activities to keep our bodies and our minds active and happy .😀


Me and Grace have been sitting to do our breathing to help up stay calm.🙂


Go on a mindful walk outside.

Play games. 🤣 Grace and Milly are happy when they are playing cards together.
Act of kindness 🥰

Thank you Grace , how kind, Mummy feels

happy that you helped her to brush the floor!

You could do a job to help your grown up feel happy.

Emotional well being activities
Do activities you love.

Grace and Noah love art and craft activities.

Maybe you could do some art to make you feel calm and happy.

Spend time with family and friends.👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

We like to have our family meals together where we can all talk .

Staying physically active

my family go on lots of walks and scooter rides

in the fresh air or play in the garden

to make us feel great!

How do you feel today?

Talk or sign how you are feeling with someone in your house.

Maybe you can try some of the activities on this page to help you stay happy.😀

Have fun staying happy everyone from Beth and Helen, Social and Emotional Pathway team xx